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*This Yarn Retails For $6.95, and the patterns and video tutorials retail for $49 but we bought it for you! We just ask that you pay your shipping / handling to receive it.
PLUS: Today You'll Get Basic Membership in the Dollar Yarn Club for an ENTIRE Year (Reg. $49 yr.) FREE!
Why Are We Doing This?
We’re giving away these Sweet Roll yarns in honor of all the makers out there who love yarn as much as we do. We want to give you this yarn and patterns so you have all the tools you need to experience the Dollar Yarn Club. At Dollar Yarn Club our goal is to get you yarn deals at the best possible price and give you the inspiration (patterns & video tutorials) to use them! These  are just a few of the perks our 67,000 members receive :) 
Patterns & Video Classes Included With Your Free Basic Membership Of Dollar Yarn Club:
Crochet: Textured Cushion Pillow Pattern
Crochet Video Class: Fingerless Gloves
Knit: Easy Striped Baby Blanket Pattern
Knit Video Class: Long Sleeved Knit Shrug
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Don't Take It From Us...
"" I just saved $40 on yarn thanks to your dollar yarn club email alerts. I have 15 new skeins just in time to make a wedding gift for my aunt. I never would have been able to get this yarn without you guys. Thanks so much!""
Briana A.
"Hi Everyone! Boy this Dollar Yarn Club is great! I ordered enough yarn to make a sweater for each of my 3 grandgirls. I saved $69 and ordering was easy peasy! This is going to be a great way to order yarn."
Ronnie G.
"Wanted to let you know I just saved $51 on yarn which totally pays for a Dollar Yarn Club premium membership (totally worth the upgrade BTW). And that's just one deal! I buy yarn every month for my projects. This is going to save me a lot of money this year. Thank you!"" 
Jamey E.
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